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We have selected for you a line of specific products to remove the dirty and to protect yours worked in stone inside and outside.


Max: protective for raw surfaces.
It doesn't modify the aesthetical aspect of the surfaces on which is applied, it doesn't form films, it is resistant to the rays U.V, it is the ideal product for the protection of floors, staircases, shelves, windowsills, top, plain of kitchen, tables, with finish bocciardata, sand-blasted, to cleft, blaze and any type of raw finish.
Is ready to the use and it is applied to roll, to spray or with cotton cloth on surface cleaning up and dry.
the various surrender according to the type of material and the finish for which you/he/she can oscillate among 5 mqs to 12 mqs with a liter. To apply one or two hands aseconda of the absorbency of the support.

Wetstrong: protective for raw surfaces with a strong wet effect.
Protective with the same characteristics listed above.
You applies, without leaving excesses, to roll, brush, cotton cloth, on well clean and dry surfaces. The various surrender from 5mq to 12 with a liter of product according to the type of finish of the surface and the degree of tonalizzazione that is wanted to get.
Note: for brushed surfaces, burattate or with opaque polishing, to apply an ola very light hand with cotton cloth, manually effecting circular movements up to total absorption.


Deruginex: detergent for the removal of oxidations is rust.
It removes in total way the yellowish alonatures from oxidation from any type of material, without provoking halos or stains. The product will be applicated on surfaces already silver wares or on plates that stabs have been for a long time in the store. The product is directly applied where part allowing to actually act him/it to total removal of the stain (the middle duration of the treatment is of about 30/60 minutes).
The various surrender from 3 mqs to 15 mqs with a liter.
Note: don't apply on shiny marbles.

Smacoil: stain remover of fat substances and oil.
It removes stains of oil and similar substances with any type of stone and with any type of finish. It doesn't notch the polish and it doesn't provoke halos or residual of various kind. Our product totally removes the stain from the porosities of the support bringing him/it to the original conditions.
You directly applies on the smacchiare part in enough quantity to totally cover the stain, without stretching him/it, he allows to actually act to complete essicazione (around two hours), with temperatures above the 10 degrees, therefore the dry residues are removed; according to the type of stain and his/her penetration in the support they are necessary at times more applications.
Note: to shake the wrapping before the use.

Cibermac: detergent for clean all the surfaces.
And' a cleansing diluibile in water, not toxic, fit to the cleaning of any type of inside and external floor in natural stone. It generally removes the stained with stamping and residues from the porosities of the support bringing him/it to his/her native aspect. Ideal for the cleanings of end yard and for heavy cleanings. You dilutes according to the necessities and scrubbing brush or cars it is applied through it washes floors. The various surrender from 20 to 50 mqs with a liter of product.

Deter-ac: detergent for the cleaning of surfaces in cooked by inside it is external.
It acts in effective way on residual of cement and of other material used for the laying.
You can be used for any surface in cooked. You dilusce in water according to the necessities actually to a part of product for winds of water. The product can be used with manual equipments.
Note: we advise to apply the product on surfaces preventively dampened with water.

For orders and/or information gone on estimate on line and you select the most suitable product for your demands.
The methods of payment accepted are:
- banking credit transfer.
- money orders.

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